The Origins…

It appears that the origin of the bourgueillois vineyard is linked to the creation of the Abbey of Bourgueil in 990, which gives us the first written traces.

In 1189, Father BAUDRY celebrated the charms of his monastery and his wine. Over the centuries, the vineyard outgrew the walls of the abbey and expanded onto the hills and old banks of the Loire.

It was at the time of Saint Martin of Tours (IVth century) that the vineyard was established.

Benefiting from its location on the banks of the Loire, the vineyards of the Bourgueil region have been exporting fine wines for a long time, focusing on exporting towards the sea, particularly towards Flemish countries as early as the 17th century.

Rabelais, Pierre de Ronsard, Balzac and actor Jean Carmet, being natives of the region, all praised the Bourgueil wines.