The vineyard of Bourgueil

Welcome to Bourgueil’s vineyard !



In this landscape of gentle slopes and hillsides, vineyards and houses built with tuffeau stones, the Bourgueil winemakers are happy to welcome you and make you discover its wines!

The vineyard is placed in the major bed of the Loire River. It is oriented mainly to the South and carved for over 1,000 years by generations of winegrowers!

The Cabernet Franc grape is a red variety. Depending on the terroirs on which it evolves, different styles of Bourgueil wines coexist, between light gravel wines and great tuffeau wines.

The vineyard of Bourgueil, classified AOC by the decree of July 31, 1937, is located west of Tours on the right bank of the Loire.

It extends over 6 municipalities of the Indre-et-Loire department: Restigné, Benais, Coteaux-sur-Loire, Chouzé-sur-Loire, La Chapelle-sur-Loire and Bourgueil, with a combined area of 3460 acres.

From the size of the vines to the ageing of the wines through the maintenance of the vineyard and the art of winemaking, it is with passion that the winegrowers tell how they do their job through the seasons.

Come visit our cellars ! These cellars are often troglodyte, which means that the inhabitants of the area dug into the side of the hills to extract the famous tuffeau stone and ended up creating these wonderful cellars for wine keeping. This limestone was used to build castles, houses of Touraine !

The winemakers tell the unique history of the Bourgueil terroir, and the strong bond that has existed for a thousand years, between the Cabernet Franc grape and its environment.

They explain how, in their cellar, a subtle alchemy allows grape juice to become Bourgueil’s wonderful wine !

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