One grape variety : the cab franc !

On the sand and gravel banks that the Loire left near Bourgueil, the ‘gravel wines’ are light and fruity, they are delicate and you can savor them from their youth.

These red wines are elegant wines, ranging in color from dark ruby to deep garnet; their tannic structure is often well present but can be subtle. The aromatic expression most often combines notes of red and black fruits.

On the clay-limestone hillsides, the old bed of the Loire that was dug out of tuffeau, the wines show additional complexity and higher tannins.

They reach their maturity after a few years of ageing, but the best vintages can age for decades !

They would then reveal more a more complex taste such as the appearance of hints of cacao, slightly smoky taste or even spices.

The Bourgueil rosés are produced in small proportions. They represent only 4% of the production.

They are dry, aromatic and fruity. They most often have aromas of red and white berries, fresh and quite intense, sometimes enhanced by a note of citrus or pepper.

All these wines come from the Cabernet Franc grape, perfectly complemented by Cabernet Sauvignon (maximum 10% of the planted grape variety).

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